You want to open a coffee shop Tostini?

Coffee as a protagonist in a new generation of coffee bars. Where you can taste varieties from all over the world and different kinds of aromas. The format is new and promising. For franchising and beyond.

We are talking about “black gold”. It is the most consumed beverage in the world after water, with two and a half billion cups drunk every day. Some call it “the black muse”, others “the devil’s drink”.

Coffee activates the waking brain cells and helps even the sleepiest among us to regain clarity of mind in a short space of time. In Italy, 22% of the population consumes at least one espresso a day outside the home. And despite the high number of coffee bars already operating, there is still room for more.

Consumers consider the coffee break indispensable as it represents a time to socialize and relax. Would you like to set up your own business in the coffee industry?

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