Office line

The market for coffee at vending machines is growing strongly thanks to an increasingly present demand and consumers who are increasingly attentive to the quality of the coffee dispensed by automatic machines. Tostini caffè aware of this new need in the sector produces a line of fine coffee dedicated to the use of automatic machines. Enjoy the magic of coffee even when you're away from home.
Your coffee break in the office, needs a product that is tasty but also able to recharge your energies to face the frenzy of your work. Tostini Caffè, for this reason, has produced a line of coffee capsules from selected blends to satisfy everyone's taste. Give your employees an enveloping and tasty break.
The coffee break in the office is not only a way to recharge your batteries, but also to socialize and relax. The hectic life of the office in fact requires a break that can relax the mind and body. The pods made by Tostini Caffè offer you the solution to give your employees a coffee break that can recharge them and better face the working day.