The real Italian good morning has the taste of coffee: and it is from this assumption that all the production of our coffee starts.

The features and the many advantages of our preservation system, allow you to get tasty and fragrant coffee to your cup.


Our coffee production follows 2 fundamental processes:
accurate control of the newly arrived product and processing of the grain from green to brown.
These two steps are necessary in order to make sure that the raw material has not been damaged during transport and that the coffee beans have not lost their freshness.
Following this check, the coffee bean embarks on its journey through the innovative machinery of the library
who will work it in order to make it odorous and crumbly:
the brown grain that we are all used to knowing.
The coffee processing process therefore consists of linked and complementary phases
making blends, roasting,
maturation and packaging.


Roasting is the mother of all phases during the coffee processing process, in this phase in fact,
the coffee changes color and becomes an intense hazelnut
and brilliant.
It is a long and fundamental phase to obtain a correct composition of the aromas and allow the grain to release all its richness.
At Tostini we
roast for about 20 minutes, to ensure the best
quality of coffee.

Packaging Vacuum-packed

The packaging phase is the basis of the freshness of the coffee and the enhancement of the aroma. We apply the vacuum method with mono-directional valve.

MAKING BUTTON : Coffee beans

Mono-directional valve

After roasting, the coffee produces carbon dioxide; the mono-directional valve system allows the escape of the same, avoiding the ingress of external air into the bag protecting the beans from oxidation.
Only through this procedure can we protect the coffee from external agents and loss of aromas.
The characteristics and the numerous advantages of our preservation system, allow you to get the coffee tasty and fragrant up to your cup.


Coffee, as a hygroscopic substance, absorbs the surrounding odors compromising its aroma in a short time:
in contact with air and in just 8 hours,
the typical scent of coffee fades by up to 40%.
That’s why we store the product under vacuum thus protecting the fragrances and safeguarding your taste experience.
In addition, the coffee after a few hours after roasting, is packaged, continuing the maturation process directly in the package.


Thanks to vacuum storage it is also possible to keep the coffee fresh for a longer period of time, protecting it from microorganisms and bacteria.
It is a technique that allows to preserve intact the flavor, aroma and color of the product, but also all its organoleptic properties.
In this way we guarantee not only an extraordinary taste experience but also total food safety.

Packaging Coffee in compostable pod

For the packaging of our coffee pods we use only 100% compostable filter paper, in full respect and protection of the environment.
Once used, it can be disposed of directly in the damp, and can be transformed to create compost for fertilizing the soils.
Coffee grounds are also an excellent fertilizer for garden plants and for growing the vegetable garden due to their content of calcium, nitrogen, potassium, magnesium and other important minerals.