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Senses, brain, sensory analysis + Brewing fondation

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The course aims to improve sensory analysis and its fields of use, not limited to coffee but to any product or service whose use passes through the sense organs. Strongly interactive due to the numerous exercises that alternate with theoretical lessons, the course aims to allow participants to develop the necessary knowledge about the potential of their sense organs and the mechanisms that lead to the interpretation of a stimulus and the measurement of a perception.


The Introduction to Coffee course is recommended.

    Theoretical part

    • From stimulus to perception: what happens under the physiological and psychological profile;
    • Sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste: how they work, potential and limits;
    • Mechanisms and powers of synesthesia.

    Practical part

    • Personality test;
    • Verification of correct visual perception;
    • Verification of perception and identification of odors;
    • Verification of the perception of tactile and taste sensations;
    • Verification of discriminating ability.


    The Brewing Foundation course introduces the student to the different methods of infusion / extraction of coffee. These will receive the theoretical and practical foundations for the use of new tools used for the preparation of coffee as an alternative to espresso, such as manual or automatic pour-over equipment. Students will also learn how to prepare a tasty filter coffee by understanding the essential elements of pour over extraction, analyzing the results obtained with scientific methods.

    Theoretical Part

  • Coffee knowledge overview
  • Sensory impact of the various species and processing
  • Extraction methods and equipment
  • List, operation and classification of the various methods of preparation alternative to espresso
  • Definition of methods pour over
  • List and explanation of parameters relating to the extraction in pour over and 3T explanations (time, temperature, turbulence)
  • Control systems SCA control Brew Chart

  • Practical Part

  • Practical extraction tests according to different methods
  • Divided into stages of extraction
  • I use SCA control brew chart
  • Calculation of final extraction yield
  • Water quality
  • Filtration medium
  • Importance of the extraction cycle
  • Blooming (pre-infusion)


Duration of the course
min. 14 hours

Tostini Caffè, Via Provinciale Teggiano Polla– 84039 Teggiano (SA)

Date and Time

+ 39.0975.395134 - [email protected]

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