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IFS Food Certification

Quality is our core business and our mission. To pursue this goal we have equipped ourselves with an accurate quality control certified by international bodies.

 Caffe’ Tostini s.r.l. pursues the highest standards of quality and safety in the offer of its products to the customer, recognizing that the constant respect of the commitments made with its customers and the exceeding of their expectations constitute a permanent obligation for all staff.
Caffe’ Tostini s.r.l. hereby declares to improve the  Quality   Management System within the Organization, applying it to the services provided, according to the rules provided for by international standards  IFS Food .

Caffe’ Tostini s.r.l. takes care of the updating of its infrastructures, according to the strategies of industrial modernization for the use of products always at the top of quality.

The Management has created a company that has, in Customer Satisfaction and in the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of business processes, the differentiating factors in a highly competitive market.

In accordance with the strategies and general objectives of growth on the market of the competitiveness of the enterprise, the company promotes:

  • – The central role of the customer;
  • – The continuous improvement of the quality in the goods produced;
  • – The continuous improvement of the effectiveness and efficiency of production processes;
  • – Maximum attention in product and chemical controls on all production batches;

Caffe’ Tostini s.r.l. is, therefore, committed to:

  • – Carry out monitoring and control of processes and critical points to ensure the safety of its products
  • – Improve internal effectiveness and efficiency through the use of the best operational and organizational procedures
  • – Measure production performance through the analysis of data and return information of the company feedback system
  • – Maintain and develop know-how through training and training activities
  • – Communicate the Quality Policy within the Organization through collective meetings and other tools useful for a correct internal communication and verify its effective understanding
  • – Promote the involvement of human resources through a constant action of enhancement and motivation
  • – Employ high-quality internal resources to ensure product controls quickly and perfectly
  • – Verify the skills of external professional resources
  • – Promote the advancement of business improvement objectives
  • – Carry out evaluations of results and set improvement objectives

Certified quality, our certificates that attest to the quality and efficiency of our entire production process.

Kosher Certification

Torrefazione Tostini benefits from the Kosher certification of food products, that is, compliance with the set of religious rules that establish the nutrition of observant Jews.

The Kosher certification from the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregation of America was obtained by Roasting Tostiffs for the production of Coffee in Capsules, Pods, Beans and Ground.

This certification is recognized in the 5 continents, and is issued by a recognized rabbinical body specialized in food product certifications, which certifies the legitimacy of consumption by the Jewish community.

This indicates a product that is able to preserve the natural fertility of the soil and avoids the production of forms of pollution.

Certified organic quality

A 100% organic blend to satisfy the palate and beyond. The desire on the part of Tostini Caffè to produce an organic coffee was born from the need on the part of a consumer who is increasingly attentive and informed about the state of health of the environment that surrounds him.

Bio Tostini coffee is provided with the Bios Organic Certification, the control and certification body that since 1999 has been authorized by the Ministry for Agricultural and Forestry Policies.

This certification indicates compliance with the organic production method as defined by Reg. EC 834/2007, as well as other standards and public and private, Italian and foreign. More simply, the selected beans of Caffè BIO Tostini come from certified organic farming following a certified organic production line throughout the supply chain.

All the beans are produced, roasted and stored in dedicated areas and subjected to strict controls. Caffè BIO Tostini is free of pesticides, thanks to a cultivation that involves the use of natural fertilizers and a natural defense against pests.

This indicates a product that is able to preserve the natural fertility of the soil and avoids the production of forms of pollution.

Landbell License

Tostini Caffè, always attentive to the environment during its years of production, has started a series of operations within its factories aimed at ensuring maximum eco-sustainability of its production activity.

The roasting company has obtained the Landbell license for the disposal of waste in Germany and the circulation of packaging on German territory, to be destined to the end customer in perfect compliance with the law.

Halal Certification

The Tostini roasting company enjoys the Halal Italia certification, the latter body that promotes consumer protection regarding the final quality of the product and the particular attention that Muslim communities reserve towards food and drink.

The Halal certification is a voluntary certification given to those companies that produce products of excellence Made in Italy and comply with the Islamic rules of lawfulness.

Tostini Caffè is pleased to welcome this prestigious certification, yet another confirmation of the quality of the coffee produced, appreciated and loved abroad and by religious communities particularly attentive to the consumption of food and drinks.