“We are our Coffee, Our Brand, Our Company”. Max Tostini.

From a small town in the province of Salerno was born the first generation of Tostini Caffè.
The Tostini brothers about 20 years ago decided to accept the challenge and make their passion for coffee a real business, but above all, a brand recognized and appreciated all over the world.
The constant and uninterrupted work in the selection of the best green bean have led this roasting company to have international certifications and awards.
Sacrifice, dedication, intelligence and passion have thus contributed to the birth of a coffee able to enhance the Made in Italy making this brand synonymous with quality and innovation.

The True Taste
Of Espresso Coffee

Tostini Caffè is a company characterized by a long history of passion and tradition based on the intense aroma of coffee.
In order to guarantee a superior quality coffee, the choice is made to produce a product that consists of many single origins that can range from a minimum of 4 to a maximum of 10, to maintain the balance of the mixture unchanged over time.


The company’s misson is to spread the culture of Italian coffee in every corner of the world without losing the value of the ancient Campania traditions of true Italian espresso, working on innovation, creativity and above all quality. The goal is to offer consumers a high quality Made in Italy product, a consequence of the commitment and professionalism that the founders and collaborators put every day in the Tostini Caffè company.


The realization of the blends is the fundamental moment for the production of coffee. Each coffee in fact, depending on its origins takes on a different character, that is to say, aromas and aftertastes that make it perfectly recognizable. Creating the right blend, therefore, means perfectly know the peculiarities of each plantation; we at Torrefazione Tostini, search for coffee beans among the plantations from Santo Domingo to India, from Panama to Indonesia, from Guatemala to Ethiopia, from Costa Rica to Panama, from Cuba to Brazil touching Africa, Asia, Central America and South America.

The Best of Arabica and Robusta
in Our Blends

Arabica coffee has a more delicate and sweet taste, while Robusta coffee has a more intense, and less aromatic flavor.
Thanks to the in-depth knowledge of these two blends, by the Roasting Tostini, you have the certainty of drinking a coffee perfectly balanced in body and aroma.